Friday, December 15, 2017

Crime reigns supreme

The nation was plunged into shock, horror and mourning over the tragic way in which Dana Seetahal, one of our brilliant minds, was made to depart this world. This killing, yet again, drives the hard facts home that criminals walk and stalk this land freely, killing at will, going unchecked and unabated. 

This land is ripe with fear and the criminals know it. They know they can beat the system. Every killing echoes the message that they are not afraid and they are untouchable. The protective services can no longer allay the fears of the people. High-powered artillery infiltrates our borders. Who gives the permission for this to happen? Who’s going to guard the guards?

We boast of intelligence, we are certified in every certifiable area but still, in Trinidad and Tobago we lack seriously in vision, critical thinking, being proactive and good old common sense (oops! my mistake, that’s not certifiable). Safety for our people should be top priority. Every life in our twin-isle state is important and valuable, not only those who are thought of as prestigious and popular. Sadly, this perception will never change.

Please, let us all pray for God’s divine intervention to save our country.

I extend my condolences to the Seetahal family.

Sarah-Jane Annisa Mookhram