Monday, February 19, 2018

Crime lords rolling with laughter

We must first acknowledge that it takes more than the calling of a state of emergency to control rampant homicides in Trinidad and Tobago.  

The perpetrators operate on their own agendas and without being deterred by police and soldiers patrolling everywhere and anywhere at any time of night and day. Putting forward any plans that mimic the SOE can only cause the crime lords  to fall down and roll with hysterics.

If both the army and the police have powers of arrest where will the thousands of detainees be held, pending the hearings of all cases? The Queen"s Park Savannah?

Where, when and how will the required evidence be ascertained? Where are the logistics for feeding and housing the police, the army and the alleged murderers?

We live in a global village that is monitored by the collective media. We will not attract new investments and increase our tourist numbers if we are defined by the world communications establishments as a "police state".

We appear to be heading in the direction that says the Ministry of National Security should be under the control of a committee rather than depend on a sole minister.

Lynette Joseph

via e-mail