Sunday, February 18, 2018

Criminals seem to be winning

In the titanic fight to recapture our Trinidad from the hands of criminal elements, I was heartened to read of Senior Supt Johnny Abraham’s words that he is not afraid, in light of reports his life has been threatened.

Even as the population’s safety is being threatened by the proliferation of crime, the police also have to do their job. Following on the heels of this, even as there has been a lack of enforcement of many of our laws, it will now take a much greater effort and will, on the part of law-enforcement officers, to bring about law and order.

As a nation, we have been allowed to do as we please—litter, break red lights, text while driving, talk on cellphones while driving, not use indicator lights, allegedly buy driver’s permits, drive without seatbelts, etc. Many people have become comfortable doing all the wrong things.

One of the truths I have come to realise is people need to be governed; that when left alone to conduct their affairs without governing, people soon become lawle­ss.

It would seem any authority figu­re in our nation working to nab criminals and bring about justice is being sent a message by the criminals: leave us alone to conduct our nefarious affairs; to kill, kidnap, drug run, money launder, and the like. Anyone who dares to try to interfere with our activities, we will eliminate.

It might just be an illusion, but it appears the criminals seem to be winning the fight. We are a tiny island. Is it that being so small, with a population of just over one million people, we are unable to effectively govern? Time will tell how the tide will turn or shift.

Marva Richard

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