Thursday, December 14, 2017

Culture people paid better than real workers

 Soca singers and calypsonians are calling for millions to sing in State-sponsored Carnival competitions. They say they deserve millions for a day’s work. These musicians need to pull their egos out of darkness. For a whole year’s work, neither the Prime Minister nor the President is paid as much as a million dollars.

Whose money pays to build the multi-million-dollar venues musicians use to merely perform? Taxpayers. When musicians start paying to build their own venues, then they can demand lavish compensation. Lower down the socio-financial totem pole, we see energy workers also take home vastly less than a million for a year’s work.

Energy, not calypso or culture, is responsible for 60 per cent of Trinidad and Tobago’s GDP. Moreover, it would take five to seven years for school teachers’ monthly income before taxation to accumulate to a million dollars. On the other hand, prescription-writing doctors, who don’t cure sickness, can amass a million in a matter of months. This is the power of conmanship and showmanship, which is conmanship by a different name. 

So along the financial value chain, musicians are more important than working professionals. If mankind were rational, those positions would be reversed.

Sara Parks

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