Friday, December 15, 2017

Customs must explain

Over the past few years, the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service has come in for a lot of criticism from many quarters, present company included, but when one thinks through the situation carefully, one also has to lay blame at another public department. This time fingers should also be pointed at the Customs service.

For far too long we have heard of, read of and seen many items being used in T&T that are clearly against the law, but we turn a blind eye and expect the police to correct the situation.

We have all seen the different coloured bulbs being used in vehicle headlights which have replaced the legal white light headlight.

Quite recently we heard and read the horror stories involving the misuse of fireworks. It is now time for questions to be directed to the Comptroller of Customs and with a demand for answers.

The Police Service is rightly supposed to enforce the laws but so too is the Customs service. If this is the case and Customs officers are working in accordance with the law, then how is it that anyone can buy a coloured headlight bulb in any parts outlet or a box of fireworks at nearly any corner in the country since these items can or are supposed to only enter the country with the approval of the Customs Service?

Mr Comptroller of Customs we await a response from you.

C Peters

via e-mail