Wednesday, January 17, 2018

DEA showed us how it’s done

 Had it not been for the intervention of the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) following the US$100 million drug bust in Norfolk, Virginia, USA, then this country’s fight against drug trafficking would have remained in a permanent state of paralysis.

Billions of dollars in “dirty money” float around the local economy annually, aided and abetted by local and foreign syndicates. Other Caribbean countries like Barbados, the little England, are facing financial crisis. Yet money continues to flow like Niagara Falls throughout this country. Staying mum on this multi-million-dollar drug bust, the acting Commissioner of Police has cried out for “improved border protection”. Was there ever any ‘border protection’ in the first place? Perhaps the long innings of this particular “Mr Big” and those of his ilk has finally ended. 

The country is anxious to see the face of this “Mr Big”.

No doubt there are more “Mr Bigs” in the system as caches of illegal guns and ammunition continue to flourish in this country.

On a final note, I am reading that the president of the Customs Clerks and Customs Brokers Association of T&T, is stating that Customs only deal with “documentation”. So all these hundreds of containers that pass through the ports must be loaded with jello and cornflakes.

If that is the case, then it is high time that the US DEA set up a local office in this country.

Reza Abasali