Friday, December 15, 2017

DPP deserves our support

I would like to publicly acknowledge my support and admiration for the Director of Public Prosecutions Mr Roger Gaspard, who amidst the many unsavory and unrepentant acts committed by people, ironically elected to serve the people. 

Specifically, I speak of the atrocious and unacceptable early proclamation of Section 34. 

Mr Gaspard has found himself in the unfortunate position of having to defend his office and his dedication to integrity, accountability, professionalism and ethical practices while preserving his independence and adopting a non-partisan posture.

I would also like to add my voice to the many voices seeking answers, and a proper explanation as to who is responsible for the deception behind Section 34. 

It is impossible to simply move on. The culprit or culprits should do the honourable thing and resign from public office immediately or failing that be removed forthwith.

After all he, she or they deceived not only the Cabinet, the Chief Justice, the DPP, but every single citizen of Trinidad and Tobago. We want answers, we need answers.

The President must represent the interest of the people and one way or the other, achieve what others have failed to do—get to the bottom of this mess, for, lest we forget, these very individuals are making decisions daily that impact on each and every Trinidadian and Tobagonian and future generations to come.

Bilquis Ali-Khan