Sunday, February 18, 2018

Danger anywhere and everywhere

How will the three-year-old son of murdered State witness Stacy Roopan deal with his motherís death? What kind of life is he now going to have? The murder of this young mother in broad daylight is typical of the blatant lawlessness and uncaring behaviour that is taking place in this country.

Carnival is in full swing and as the nation wines, jams and fetes from dusk till dawn, the people continue to be in peril. Before Carnival, during Carnival, after Carnival...we fete and fete, drink and dance like nobodyís business. Until we can come together as a nation to deal with the serious issues facing our land, to me, thereís no need to celebrate our once-beautiful Carnival.

Innocent people are being murdered, corruption is rampant in every sector, no institution works efficiently, the landfill is set on fire and the population is put at serious health risk, drugs and guns are now the biggest contributors to the countryís GDP and prisoners can call the shots behind towering walls to have someone murdered.

We are heading down a dangerous path and itís only a matter of time before we implode. I cannot see us or any country sustaining this kind of societal breakdown forever. Jesus...where are you? Itís time to come home.

Barry Mohammed

San Juan