Saturday, February 17, 2018

Dead bodies on the road mean nothing

 As I sit and ponder on our society today and look at the rising murder rate, the lack of discipline of our school children, the numerous child abuse cases as well as domestic violence incidents I wonder when did we become so complacent? When did all these crime become second nature to us? When did we forgo mad outrage at the degradation of our society? 

Several years ago just the word “murder” brought shock to our Trinidad but today we can walk past a dead body and think nothing of it when we move on to our next task, so clouded are we in our own lives without thinking about the life that was snuffed out, probably saying “he must have been in a gang”. But what if he was not?

When do we as a people start seeing people as humans and not just another casualty? Today there is an uproar on the murder of Dana Seetahal, SC but what about the other people who have left life unrecognised? Why aren’t the police fighting to find their murderers?

It takes a village to raise a child and a community to improve a nation. We have to go back to where we cared about each other. We have to separate ourselves from the racism, the “genderism”, the greed and selfishness that has ruled our country over the years. Bring back the instrument of family, where one feels safe enough to walk the streets to “window shop” and our children can go to the river/beaches and feel comfortable.

We need to go back to being Trinidadian instead of Indian and African. Where do I fit in as there are so many different sectors of my ancestors. We continue to choose all the negative values and traits of the Americans. Let’s be the designers of life and let them choose the positive values of a Trinidadian. Let us set examples for our children that they can be proud of. Let us be the majority instead of the minority.

Victoria Chung

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