Deal with adults’ sex addiction

Instead of making broad-based suggestions sex education be taught to children, sex-education proponents ought say in detail what they want children to know about sex and what they expect them to do with this information. They should say how they expect children to respond to their sex urges given a daily classroom diet of sex ideas.
Is it the intention of sex-education proponents to make children think about sex, then lobby the Government to buy condoms for distribution to all children as a response to the increased numbers of children that will have sex, and get pregnant, due to feeling they know all about sex? After all, they studied it in school. Because with thoughts of sex as a daily subject and hormonal changes in young people coupled with low resistance to act on sex feelings, face it—children are going to experiment with sex en masse. They already have to deal with this sexually charged nation of T&T, where promotion of sex is prolific.
Thinking about sex, lusting for it, is T&T’s unspoken other national motto. Putting sex on the curriculum as a daily diet of classroom learning is not going to help children be more able to contain their sex urges? Not in this sex-pushing society. Who publishes porn on the Internet? Is it adults or children? I do believe it is the adults who pay for and own these perverse sites. Who poses for porn pictures and features in porn videos—children or adults? All indications show it is adults who do so. Who gives children cellphones and pays for Internet access via these phones? All investigations show it is adults who do so.
The State gave hundreds of thousands of children laptops, knowing the average parent is irresponsible about monitoring what their child does with those laptops. Therefore, deal with adult society’s sex addiction.
Indeed, if anybody is in need of sex education, it is T&T’s adults. They are the age group with the problem. It is they who are irresponsible with sex knowledge, but blame the side effects of its misuse on children. Who pays for the sexually charged TV shows, movies, video games, popular songs, media broadcasts and print ads that promote sex ideas? Surely not children. Sex knowledge should be made known to children when they ask about it, instead of making it into some special-interest topic for classroom study.
Parents ought to answer children’s questions on sex and human anatomy no differently than they might respond to children’s inquisitive questions about marine life, how cars work, or why fire is dangerous.
It seems the objective is to boost the condom and abortion industry by putting sex ideas in the heads of children. To get results, why not lobby to shut down the suppliers of these perversions? Why add to the problem by lobbing to put sex talk in classrooms to plant sex ideas in the heads of little children? And why spend tens of millions each year on distribution of laptop computers to impressionable young children (11- to 13-year-olds), fully aware these devices give ready access to perverse material to which children should not be exposed?
Deal with the sources of the problem, not symptoms of it. Lobby to ban perverse TV shows, to ban sexually charged ads, to ban broadcast of perverse and sexually suggestive music lyrics. Lobby to block sexually coarse websites. Search out and bring down society’s sexual-perversion pushers.
S Parks
via e-mail
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