Monday, January 22, 2018

Demanding more wages unscrupulous, unpatriotic

 It is unimaginable a trade union delegate is demanding nurses and doctors be paid four times their normal wage when treating Ebola victims. We can understand maximum life insurance, but the logic of increased wages when doing one’s job rubs us the wrong way.

Are they implying the price of a beer should be jacked up four times at Carnival time; that the police should demand jacked-up wages when responding to hotspot areas; that firemen be paid more when responding to a fire, that taxis quadruple their fares if they transport minorities? 

Doctors and nurses, firemen and protective officers, customs and military personnel chose their life work and must be committed to the public welfare, whether there is danger or not. That is their job! 

Demanding jacked-up wages at times of an imminent threat is unscrupulous, unpatriotic and offensive. Instead of blackmailing the public welfare, should a good union leader not instead be working arm in arm with the stakeholders to secure the adequacy of incubation and isolation facilities, waste-disposal protocols and facilities, ensuring the availability of sufficient protective gear, critical issues of national food supply and security, procuring reliable utility maintenance and protective services response staff, securing the provision of transportation for care givers and a host of other safety, security and emergency response infrastructure and capacities that this plague will certainly exhaust?

The days of “bread and butter unionism” have expired. The public depends on progressive unionism for an uplifted society, not just for its members. 

Whether our nation suffers a gas fireball disaster on Jouvert morning, or an Ebola plague on Christmas Eve, should our Government and our responsible trade union representatives not be working side by side to ensure the safe passage of our country?

What about legislation to command public servants to work at times of an emergency, regardless of danger or festivities? Imagine firemen staying home because they “’fraid powder”?

Gary Aboud, corporate secretary

Fishermen and Friends of the Sea