Sunday, February 25, 2018

Devotion, no reward

You enter into public life with no proper remuneration package or security for retirement?

High office holders: (President, MP’s, senators, judges, Chief Justice) enter into public life becoming property of the state.

High office holders enter into public life to devote their services to the State with woefully inadequate and unfair provisions for retirement.

To all the hardworking public servants employed in the public service, can you tell me how would you feel if after working 30 hard years in the public service you had no proper retirement plan? No proper pension plan? No sort of “reward” for your hard work and dedication for your country?

If no such provisions are made for such high office holders it is possible the country can easily suffer because the best persons for the job may refuse to accept such office or institution knowing that their dedication and service to State would not be properly compensated and remunerated.

Ralph Sinead

via e-mail