Thursday, December 14, 2017

Dimanche Graswas worst ever

What were the powers-that-be thinking about when they decided to change the format of the Dimanche Gras? Changes are sometimes good or bad, but this change is beyond ridiculous.

After decades of having a wonderful show on Carnival Sunday which showcased the best of the calypsonians and kings and queens vying to rule supreme over the Carnival, we were given a watered-down version of one of the shows that many people, far and wide, come to enjoy.

They took away the heart and soul of the show—its competitive aspect. We already have a show with a similar format which we call "Champs of Steel Plus". We don't need another.

I hope that the authorities will let good sense prevail, look beyond their folly and return the Dimanche Gras to its original format.

This show is an insult to our culture. The people who came up with this brilliant idea should all resign on Ash Wednesday, and before doing so refund all the patrons who attended the show.

They should also write the following lines 1,000 times: "If it isn't broken don't fix it."

Valentine Young

Brooklyn, NY