Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Disciplined Cordettes

THE East Zone Panorama preliminaries for small and medium bands took place at Arima last night.

After a final practice on Wednesday night, the executive of Sangre Grande Cordettes Steel Orchestra saw it fit to begin getting organised to get their instruments to the venue. At 6 a.m. yesterday morning trucks were loaded and rolling out of “Grande” headed for Arima, a journey that would take roughly 45 minutes at that time of the morning, even with the Valencia jam taken into consideration.

If that isn’t productivity I don’t know what is. Although we are often criticised for having a “Carnival mentality”, at this stage of our history, when everything seems to be on a downward spiral, I will welcome discipline, tolerance and production in whatever form it is presented.

May I suggest to the person or persons responsible for getting prisoners to court on mornings take a page out of Cordettes’ book and leave our prisons on time instead of having to drive at breakneck speed with sirens blaring, leaving other road-users scampering for their lives.

Sorry Lord Kitchener, but “The Road make to walk” every day, and the same goes for productivity.

G Cockburn

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