Friday, February 23, 2018

Disgraceful appeal to race

The issue of the THA elections and the unadulterated and obscene appeal to race in the name of political expediency by the THA must not, and can never be, simply "wished" away or be put in some crevice in our backward minds and remain there festering until, like the nasty abscess that it is, be allowed to spew its filthy pus again whenever it suits the moronic, self-opinionated and backward politician who feels the urgings of expediency and draws it from his odoriferous back-pocket and with a bash on the table, trumps every sane and serious issue with a less-than-subtle appeal to prehistoric and uncivil racial cliquishness, and be allowed to return it to its lair, nicely hidden away until the next time he feels power slipping away and draws it out once again.

I will shout an emphatic no to that type of behaviour which, along with its indulgent owner, should be condemned to the filthy gutter where they both belong.

Such behaviour will forever keep this country rooted in backwardness and feigned, strained "tolerance", if not overt mindless incivility. It is an impediment to our progress as a learning society, which is absolutely vital to our future survival as a nation.

Such behaviour keeps us firmly anchored to a mindset that has no place in the modern world for it is only un-evolved animals that exhibit that type of blind instinctive appeal to the clannish pseudo-protection of the herd.

It is a base type of behaviour rooted in racist bigotry that needs to be exposed to the sunlight if it is to be eradicated not only from our adult minds, but most importantly, from the impressionable minds of our children! And it is those charged with stewardship over the common good who should be the first to condemn racist utterances if only because an absolute prerequisite of that stewardship is to show neither "fear nor favour" to anyone!

We have reached the absolute pit of the fetid mire when we are not in the least concerned that we can climb a podium and expose our bigotry for all and sundry, and then limp to some other podium in pomp and splendour to put our filthy hands on a holy book as if to convince a stultified mob that we will truly function without "favour" or "fear". What are we? What have we become? Why do we do this over and over?

When I heard this putrid garbage, my heart sank to the bottom of some dark pit and with it every sense of ownership, kinship and identity that I felt with the people of Tobago and more so with the PNM as an organisation. I shudder at what the future holds if this behaviour is not seen by all and their children, to be roundly punished for what it truly is.

Steve Smith

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