Saturday, December 16, 2017

Display of political insecurity by UNC

 In this Bollywood/Hollywood small island state of Trinidad and Tobago, personal image is everything. The image of the political party will be slaughtered if the wrong thing is said at the wrong time and in the wrong place.  

In reference is the announcement of national awards to Slinger Francisco and Peter Minshall, certainly two icons who have put Trinidad and Tobago on the international landscape and are deserving of their awards. So why the ‘beef’ about the selected venue?

It would appear the UNC-led coalition Government, the People’s Partnership, is politically afraid to make important national announcements in any part of the country that is not considered UNC heartland.  

The fulsome applause from the onlookers guarantees the enforcement of their feel-good factor. The “image” being sent to the population is that, despite all efforts to prove otherwise, is that the Partnership Government is in power for the sole physical and financial enrichment of Central and parts of South Trinidad.  

Tobago is left to hang out on its own political limb after the comprehensive rout suffered by the Partnership in the Tobago House of Assembly elections of January 2013.

One would prefer that this display of political insecurity did not advertise itself as the circling of the political wagons for the battle for these very UNC heartlands circa 2015. 

The Partnership Government appears to be poised to fall on the “sword” of public opinion on those portions of the electorate they consider “home”.

Lynette Joseph

via e-mail