Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Do I have to get out of the way?

 Further to my several e-mails and the letter published earlier this week (Express, January 21), and in support of all the other writers on this topic, might I add that I used to try the tactic of driving a little to the left and blocking the shoulder-drivers. However, after a few close calls and some choice expletives from the drivers, which my daughter was forced to hear, I decided to stop trying to change lawless people.

On a related matter, which I have also written on and gotten no response, do we have to move out of the way of black SUVs with blue lights and sirens, or is it just marked police vehicles and ambulances?

I know some police vehicles use their status to escape the traffic and then the sirens come off and they go their merry way. But I have noticed a growing trend of the black SUVs doing the same. Can anyone tell me if I have to move out of the way for them, too?

Arlene Stephen

via email