Monday, January 22, 2018

Do more for others

 Today our society is gripped by criminality in different forms, be it the merciless crime rate, the injustice perpetrated against the helpless in society, the thriving drug trade and abuse of privileges by public officials. 

In order to free ourselves many have stepped forward casting blame on several institutions, including the family, the government, and churches. However, we have ignored introspection of our own selves. We are attempting to initiate change by changing others, when the only person each individual can change is himself. 

The change that is required is to cease looking only at our individual bubbles. We have been failing to see that beyond our own skin, beyond the four walls of our homes, beyond our working hours, there is a wider identity. 

Instead we are content with just providing for our own families and doing our jobs, and  believe that so long as these are taken care of, it is okay. It is very easy for one to live thinking only of one’s needs...but the true meaning of life is sacrifice. 

So-called lower forms of life are more evolved than we are in this regard. Animals that never take more than they need to live, trees never eat their own fruit, or bask in their own shade and rivers and oceans never drink their own waters. All that they do benefit others only. 

Every single person surely is capable of volunteering one hour of their time towards some higher cause within their communities.                                                                                    

                  Dr Vedavid Manick                                                                                                        

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