Friday, December 15, 2017

Dogs of war—for all

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar last Wednesday said she had given an order to “unleash the dogs of war” against criminals.

She said: “Know this. I am prepared to commit every resource possible, explore all options available, utilise any initiatives used anywhere with success in ensuring we reclaim our country from the criminals who want to feel embol­dened.

“Those days are over. The order is out, unleash the dogs of war on those who flout the law and create havoc. We must bring them to their knees and let justice prevail and let peace and law and order be restored.”

I agree totally.

However, I believe it was said with the blue-collar criminals in mind, the gangsters in Laventille and Morvant and Sea Lots and Diego Martin and Arima and La Horquetta, etc.

They are the ones mostly involved in turf wars and creating murder and mayhem in their communities.

But what about the white-collar criminals? The ones in Maraval and Westmoorings and Chaguanas and Palmiste and Chaguaramas?

The ones in Government, corrupt business leaders, the Piarco Airport case, UDeCOTT, Section 34, LifeSport, “Mr Big” (ask Patrick Manning), the $100 million drug case (to list all would take pages).

Don’t they feel emboldened? Shouldn’t they be brought “to their knees and let justice prevail”?

Unleash the dogs on them, too. Reclaim our country from those criminals, too.

The cancer of crime has corrupted the entire body of Trinidad and Tobago. You can’t treat part and leave the rest untouched.

M Andrews

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