Saturday, December 16, 2017

Don't blame Govt for media raid

The idea of blaming the People's Partnership for the ill-advised police raid on Newsday is being floated about. Is disobedience a new phenomenon? Were there no rogue workers during the reign of the PNM or NAR?

It seems that it is always easy to criticise the authorities, even when they are not in the driver's seat. Government officials do not have remote controls that regulate every citizen's actions.

When one goes into a Government office and gets poor service, is it the Government's fault? No, it is the worker who gives bad service.

If the Government controlled the action of every citizen and every worker in Trinidad and Tobago then we would be living in paradise without any corruption, crime or injustices to any law-abiding citizen.

People have this uncanny pattern of believing that workers do not act as free agents, thinking for themselves. When they do wrong they are likened to very young and ignorant children — blameless. When workers take unwise or dangerous action outside the knowledge of their superiors they ought to suffer sanction for their actions.

Dennis Edwards

Via e-mail