Saturday, December 16, 2017

Don't mix politics with protests

Dr Wayne Kublalsingh is a classic case of the tail wanting to wag the dog. There is no mass movement behind him because the silent majority supports the highway construction project. The only reason he hasn't been chased out is because he is of nuisance value and people would not really be bothered.

Kublalsingh's mask slipped when he hired Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj as his group's lawyer. It slipped a little lower when he attended the MSJ's (Movement for Social Justice) first political congress.

It is clear that he has taken a political stand with the Opposition, against the Government, and has aligned himself with political personalities opposed to the Government. This is most ill-fated.

When I campaigned with Dr Kublalsingh and Mr Peter Vine against the aluminium smelter plant project, I did so on the basis of principle. We were careful not to align ourselves with any political group.

This time around, my colleague has gone down a different political road. Like oil and water, the environment and politics should not mix.

In the interest of transparency, I wonder whether Kublalsingh's group would be prepared to disclose their source of financing. Radio advertisements are quite expensive.

On the ground, we the people of Point Fortin already know which contractors Dr Kublalsingh visits who have their vested interest in seeing this highway project aborted.

Andrew Marcano

Long Circular