Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Don't waste this gift from above

I was happy and ecstatic to hear about the oil find by Petrotrin which was like a gift from heaven. At a time when our economy needed life, God opened the ocean and cracked the earth and sent forth unto us black gold.

I think this oil find is a blessing and has come at a right time in our nation's development. Our leaders must not make the same mistakes as those who have gone before them. They must not squander this gift from God because this might be our last chance to make this country a better place.

I hope that the persons who are involved in the collecting and spending of the revenue from the oil find are honest and conscionable.

I hope real thought and planning goes into the way the revenues are used and the wealth is distributed so as to benefit all.

History has shown that whenever this country comes into a little wealth, our leaders become greedy and selfish. They go on senseless spending sprees which don't benefit the country at all. Allegations of corruption emerge almost daily. They fill their pockets and ignore the cries of the less fortunate. They forget that they are elected from among the people, by the people to serve the people. I hope history does not repeat itself.

I appeal to our leaders not to steal or engage in corruption. I plead that their consciences guide them in their decision-making and they would use this wealth to benefit all.

I hope they remember, "Together We Aspire Together We Achieve".

Reagel Jagroop

via e-mail