Thursday, December 14, 2017

Don’t insult our intelligence

The Prime Minister is pursuing certain changes to the Constitution of our country, including a proposal to change the first-past-the-post Westminster electoral process we have adopted since our Independence.

Constitutional reform can be progressive and beneficial in many aspects. However it is paramount that every facet of its implementation be honestly, proficiently and thoroughly explored, both empirically and theoretically, as it relates to the uniqueness of the composition — both human and physical — of Trinidad and Tobago.

The adoption of something similar in neighbouring Guyana has proven to be unsuccessful and contributory to inequality and agitation among vast pockets of citizens of that country.

The effects of any changes to our electoral process can be catastrophic. One proposal was tabled without proper consultation of the electorate. Notably, the Constitution Reform meetings were limited and very poorly attended, and the more pressing issue for those in attendance was the lack of accountability from the members of the Government.

In conclusion I can only deem this latest proposal by the Prime Minister and her method to secure same, as clandestine in its nature, and I am personally offended by the consistent disregard for the intelligence of the citizenry.

Genuine beneficial change which will redound to the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago will only come about when the people we have elected to best serve our interest are held accountable for each and every action and the few individuals that make up the Government truly understand, they are the servants of the people. Until that becomes the rule instead of the exception we cannot “move on”.

Caroline Henry