Saturday, February 24, 2018

Don’t let misconduct misguide

 Let me begin by expressing my utmost disgust and disappointment with Glenn Ramadharsingh’s alleged misconduct on the flight from Tobago. But what is of greater concern and displeasure, to say the least, is the response from one of our religious leaders from Central Trinidad the Express of March 25.

I quote: “the Social Development Minister... humble and likeable, with a record of quality performance... wasting no time in apologising... This makes it easy to believe and accept that the minister had a rare, unguarded moment”.

Is the pastor implying one’s good track record is an excuse to do wrong, every now and then (“unguarded moment”)? Is he saying a wrong must not be condemned as long as it is quickly apologised for? Is he suggesting when public officials commit offences they must go unpunished, with no consequences?

No one is denying the fact Dr Ramadharsingh was industrious. But isn’t that the purpose for which he was elected? Did he not swear an oath concerning same? As a Government minister, that is expected of him. As leaders in high office, it’s imperative to lead by example, refusing to allow misconduct to misguide those we lead and tarnish the office or organisation we represent.

The pastor’s Bible made it clear in 1 Tim 3:1-7: “If a man desire the office of a bishop, leader, high position, it is good. But he must be blameless, of good behaviour, and a good report.” This does not imply perfection, but rather exemplary leadership. The Honourable Prime Minister did well by making the very difficult but appropriate decision, of which she is worthy of high praises.

Jason King

Rio Claro