Saturday, December 16, 2017

Don’t make fun of plus-size people

With reference to an article that was posted in yesterday’s Express, “Dancer defends rolly polly performance”, it was drawn to my attention that one of Mr Killa’s (Hollis Mapp) dancers, Fayth Seaton, had to come forward and defend herself for being the size that she is.

The fact that she had to explain the reason for her size currently, was very unfair in my opinion, because that should be her personal business.

I have nothing against the lyrics of Mr Killa’s song, because that’s the way he chose to express himself about the women of our stature. Therefore, I do not view it in a negative light but the way other people use the term loosely is what is uncouth or even repulsive.

Just because someone is larger than what we call the “average person” doesn’t mean that the person is abnormal.

Most plus-size people out here are healthy and live normal, everyday lives or some of them are just suffering from health conditions that they just have no control over.

I could share in Fayth’s sentiments because I am a plus-size woman as well and I don’t overeat.

I get up early every morning, get my daughter ready for school and then I head to work.

I am not a person that is always lying around acting lazy like most people think when they see a plus-size person.

Sometimes I wish I had a little “me time” but that is not possible when you have a three-year-old child running around. But to me, the most hilarious part about all this is that I have friends who claim to be healthier than I am, but when a flu virus comes around, they are always the first to catch it and I am always surprisingly unaffected. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

The point I am trying to make is that plus-size women are human just like everyone else and they should be treated just the same.

We shouldn’t be discriminated against or feel alienated because we happen to look different from other people and to Fayth, I, as well as a lot of other plus-size women out here share your plight and we all need to remember that the only person(s) we need to love us is us.

L Bedlow

Plus Size and Proud