Sunday, February 25, 2018

Don’t stop Carnival

 It is “alleged’’ a certain reli­gious group has been insin­u­ating that Carnival 2014 should be suspended as a crime reduction measure. With all due respect to the group, I do not agree. If one is not into Carnival, one does not partici­pate—plain and simple. No binomial theorem necessary. 

Suspending Carnival would impact on all citizens, good, bad and indifferent. If you are a parent and you have one delinquent child, would you discipline all your children? The innocent must not be made to pay for the guilty. 

What is the long-term plan? Suspend Carnival and if crime decreases, Carnival would be reinstated? The general public has little or no control of crime. That is the job of the police.

Carnival is a profitable industry, and with our oil being spilt all over, we need the money. During Carnival time, there is a lot of seasonal employment. People who are unemployed for parts of the year get a chance to work. 

Carnival is our number-one product. As with any good pro­duct, we have started to export it to New York (USA), London (England) and the Caribbean. Note the influx of tourists for 

Carnival. High numbers mean filled hotel rooms, which trans-

­late into cash—plain and simple. 

I have a friend in Finland, do you know how he was introduced to our country? Bingo, you guessed it, Carnival. We have the best Carnival in the world—plain and simple. Carnival brings out our artistic and indigenous talents. It generates revenue.

Suspend Carnival? I don’t think so. In fact, Carnival might even aid in crime reduction.

Don’t stop the Carnival.

AV Rampersad

Princes Town