Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Dookeran, a cut above the rest

Within the next few weeks, the government will select a new president. Several prominent names have been proposed and the Electoral College will vote for two nominees, one from the Government and the other from the Opposition.

Since the Government has a clear majority in Parliament and also in the Electoral College, the ultimate choice rests with the Prime Minister and her cabinet. This exercise is a conventional formality and a constitutional requirement of the Electoral College.

Amongst the names proposed, Winston Dookeran seems to be in front of the others. His 45-year track record in public life is outstanding—former university economics lecturer, consultant to the United Nations, Caricom countries, United States, several international bodies, foreign universities and MP for several years.

In public life he serves with distinction, honour and dignity. His impeccable character and respect for human values, people and institutions make him an excellent choice for holding high office in this land. His dedication and commitment to nation-building over the years is remarkable and unquestionable. He stood for democracy, the ideals of a free state, fundamental human rights and freedoms in the dark hours of T&T in 1990.

Mr Dookeran surpasses all others who have been proposed for president. Any deviation of this choice will be tantamount to insensitivity by the Government. He has never been a critic of this Government but always offered his constructive advice to his PM and other parliamentary colleagues, who so often misunderstood him.

Gaya Kissoon