Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Dr Kublalsingh, what about our problems?

I would like to draw to the attention of Dr Kublalsingh and his supporters the following issues. While you seek to stop the Debe to Point Fortin section of the highway, and insist that we utilise and

upgrade the present infrastructure, specifically the stretch of road along the Mosquito Creek, answer these questions.

What about the thousands of motorists using this overburdened road on a daily basis from Point Fortin, Siparia and Fyzabad?

What about when there is high tide and the entire road is covered by salt water?

What about the people stranded in San Fernando on evenings, since taxis refuse to drive through the salt water when there is high tide?

What about the damage to my vehicle due to the rapid corrosion by the salt water?

Improvements have been done in the past, but have helped very little and did not alleviate the problem, since the entire road is under the level of the sea. Unfortunately this cannot be upgraded any further. Doing anymore would be a total waste of money.

People in the areas I have listed have suffered for years because of this. Even when the traffic is re-routed through Woodland, it moves at a snail's pace, because the roadway narrows into one lane to get over two of the bridges and then there are the many speed bumps.

This highway is very much needed, and the benefits will be enjoyed for generations to come.

Until the highway is completed you, Dr Kublalsingh, can compensate me for the damage to my vehicle. Until then I will be on a hunger strike between the hours of 3.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. since I will be in traffic on the "Creek" on my way home. Maybe I can look as good as you at the end of it all.

Please make the cheque payable to the name stated below.

Varun D Persad