Friday, December 15, 2017

Dread link between fireworks, gunshots

Murder! Mayhem! Bloodletting! Rivers of tears! And still, there’s no real sense the “heads’’ are making any headway in lassoing this runaway homicidal horse! “Riot acts’’ and “gun talk’’ surely aren’t cutting it and granted, at this 11th hour, there is no silver bullet (pardon the pun), no magic potion, no panacea for all the ills but, what do we do? 

 Regardless of carefully worded press statements the population can see right through the façade of a group which, even after completing almost 80 per cent of its term in office, seems to have no cohesive agenda because everyone seems to have his/her own. Meanwhile, the gunmen are emboldened in the knowledge that the chances of apprehension are virtually zero and don’t even behave like you don’t know this it’s true!

I noted in several newspaper accounts of the various homicides something which stood out consistently…persons nearby are reported to have said that on hearing the explosions, they thought it was fireworks! 

Realism tells me that those who are in the business of selling these devices probably have deep pockets and perhaps already have the control systems wrapped up in their cash-flow but, on the subject of addressing crime, who is willing to admit it is in fact now a nationwide menace? 

Do we realise that these very habits, left unchallenged, progress into a culture of recklessness and lawlessness? I have already settled in my mind that the explosions will continue through to the Carnival season as the trends of recent years have indicated. That gives the authorities seven or eight clear months until Divali 2014 to rid the nation of this widespread menace.  No exceptions.  Because Trinis will find a way to “squeeze-back a stash’’ to give the elderly, the infants, even the strong and healthy a near heart attack. 

Those of us with pets must spend extra money to have them sedated at the main festival days but with the blasts continuing indefinitely what are we to do?        

Debra J Johnson

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