Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Drunk or sober—mind your business

Perhaps we are the bearer of good news. Carnival can be a most electrifying, exciting, spontaneous fun time, filled with creativity, talent and rhythm that come naturally to us. But be aware! Let us not end up like “the ass in the lion’s den”.

Scanty clothes, erotic music, alcohol and drugs can lead to trouble, and they often do. Get high -- get stupid -- get one of the many sexually transmitted diseases that now exist in Trinidad and Tobago. The condom may lessen your chances but cannot guarantee protection against infection from these communicable diseases, especially HIV AIDS. Every year after the Carnival season many doctors’ offices and clinics are busier than usual with people who have contracted one of these STDs.

Passion and lust are a dangerous combination for any human being to control, but avoidance is possible. Rely on reason, not emotion. Think! “Is my intended action worth the pain and trauma usually associated with bad decisions?”

When the fantasy of the Carnival season comes to an abrupt end, the dust has settled and Ash Wednesday morning dawns, do we want to be anxious, afraid and feeling alone? Or do we want to arise feeling joyful, confident and worry free?

The facts clearly indicate that far more babies are born nine months after every Carnival season, and more abortions (the killing of the baby in the womb) than usually occur. So while you “drink yuh rum and live yuh life” (one of my favourite songs for this year) remember to “Praise yuh God and live yuh life”.

Wishing all a happy and safe Carnival filled with praise and joy.

Dwight and Christine Gonsalves

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