Saturday, January 20, 2018

Education Ministry confusing us

 The Ministry of Education and Tim Gopeesingh are tormenting our primary school pupils and teachers. Standard Four pupils are in the process of doing school-based assess­ments (SBAs) in several disciplines, including art, music, physical education (PE) and agricultural science. 

Teachers have been teaching one thing, and are then being told to assess something different by the ministry. One example of this is as follows: 

For PE, one of the skills teachers were asked to teach was the underhand catch. They did this and practised for the entire term. Two days before the assessment, teachers were given information from the ministry to assess overhand catching, leaving teachers and pupils confused.

How can our children perform under these conditions? I understand the same kind of thing happened with the music assessment.

The Ministry of Education and Dr Gopeesingh certainly do not have our children’s best interest at heart. They seem to be unsure of what they are doing and, in a bid to “ease the stress” of one examination, they are in fact creating additional stress for pupils, teachers and parents like me.

K Balthazar 

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