Sunday, December 17, 2017

Electric cars the way to go

In the age of the Google driver­less car, I am disappointed that we have not been more aggressive and imaginative when it comes to reducing both the gas subsidy and carbon dioxide emissions. I think it is high time we look beyond CNG (which is the current Government push, and which has failed to catch on despite past campaigns) toward the electrification of the car.

Very recently there have been many high-profile electric cars that have received good reviews in major publications. These include the Nis­san Leaf, Ford Focus Electric and Chevrolet Volt.

These came on the heels of the now-long-established hybrid vehicles, which have been produced for years now by almost every major car manufacturer, but are disappointingly still rare or rather non-existent in Trinidad and Tobago. In fact, when even the famous Ferrari SpA has jumped on the hybrid bandwagon with its latest flagship, we can be sure we are late for the party.

My suggestion would be that the Government take measures to make these cars—particularly pure electric vehicles (which thrive in stop-and-go traffic conditions like ours)—more affordable for the local market; possibly by lowering VAT and waiving licensing, customs duty and other fees for models like these. Secondly, it should invest in and encourage the establishment of public and commercial charging stations rather than CNG pumps.

Evron Legall

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