Friday, January 19, 2018

Elusive tax return forms

 I write in full support of H Singh (“Collecting forms at BIR office a backward step for taxpayers”, Express, April 4) who considered it a retrograde step for the Board of Inland Revenue to have taxpayers visit their offices to collect their forms.

After phoning to enquire where one may collect tax return forms, I was advised to go to the Queen Street office in Port of Spain after 1 p.m. where I would be given forms.

At great inconvenience, I being 76 years old and suffering from emphysema and colitis, I went to town to collect my forms. Well, lo and behold, no such luck. A polite young woman offered to see if she could get a form from Trinidad House ...again no luck but she did give me a website where I could get a printout. There again no such luck. You can get up to 2012.

Where does that leave me and the myriad pensioners who have annuities? A computer and printer, if we have them, are now useless. Like H Singh, I wonder what the objective is behind this move. To frustrate the general public. If so, this has been the most successful instigation this Government has made since it came to power. Congratulations.

I hate to think what next idiotic move will emanate from a government department seeking to outdo the BIR.

Dallas Kidman

via e-mail