Saturday, February 24, 2018

End of PNM’s glass ceiling

The prominence of Pennelope Beck­les-Robinson within her party is a good omen as she challenges for her party’s leadership, and of greater significance for young girls, who can readily identify with her to aspire to be all they can be.

This contest should be of vision, qualifications and competence. During the warm-up to the election, give Pennelope an opportunity to address relevant issues (not personal biases), then vote.

The bacchanal created by irresponsible media reporting is deliberate and misleading. The sensationalism being created over gender, skin colour and disenfranchisement continues to be the kind of food that is fed to fools, which would suggest Trinidad and Tobago is a “fool’s paradise”.

For the first time in its political life, the PNM (People’s National Movement) has a genuine choice for party leadership. I realise the traditional role women have and continue to play within the hierarchy of the PNM. The challenge by Pennelope is frightening to the senior women within the party, who do not understand how essential it is for women to aspire to be more than “political housewives” within the PNM.

Perhaps this could signal the end of the proverbial glass ceiling within the party.

Errol F Hosein

via e-mail