Sunday, January 21, 2018

End the US currency monopoly

 How long will people tolerate this US currency monopoly? T&T’s total workforce of over 600,000 persons collectively contribute to earning billions in US currency. 

We provide the energy miners with housing, banking services, water, food, entertainment, transportation, clothing, security, legal services, tools and equipment, medical services, insurance, education, a customer base and so forth. 

US currency doesn’t just come from selling natural gas, oil, methanol and asphalt without external input—the common lie the nation is told to believe. 

Why do a few financial agents then control that currency that all local workers help to generate? 

Why do con men alone have the rights to sell US dollars generated by all our efforts to residents in the country at personal profit is beyond comprehension. 

But with money greed follows like a shadow, so that explains this crazy system.

Sarah Parks

via e-mail