Friday, December 15, 2017

Evil eyes upon us

 A good memory, I hold and maintain, is a dangerous piece of property in this land of nine-day phenomenon. Forty-seven days and forty-four plus murders later, along with a $3.5 million reward posted shortly after her assassination, the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) is as quiet as the proverbial church mouse on the assassination of Dana Seetahal.  

Meanwhile, the TTPS continue to conceal their incompetence behind the cloak of the “sensitivity of the investigation” and “confidentiality”, both euphemisms for massive incompetence, which coincidentally, also passes for policing. They have also taken their propaganda to prime time, with a newly created ‘celebrity’; PR is their latest crime plan.

It is easy to understand how absurd theories, such as the evil eye can flourish in this land when a high profile case such as that involving Ms Seetahal can go undetected going on two months, despite assurances from the Minister of National Security on May 4 that “we will not rest until those who have committed this most unspeakable act are brought to justice”. I cannot help but wonder aloud if he’s resting? I honestly think he deserves a rest...a permanent one from the job. 

We can also safely conclude that the “emergency meeting” of the National Security Council (NSC) was a waste of time and resources: in Trini parlance, it was nothing more than “grandcharging”. It was an emergency akin to the police putting on lights and sirens to get through traffic only to be seen later investigating some cold beers at one of their many watering holes. Evidence that nothing came out of the emergency NSC meeting is staring us in the eye 47 days later. 

Dana’s funeral made good PR for many of the opportunists who patronised purely for political mileage, knowing well in advance that the media would be there in full attendance. Crime stoppers, in an unprecedented fit of generosity, announced a million-dollar reward within hours of her assassination. 

In this age, driven by our ‘eat-a-food’ philosophy it is difficult to imagine no one coming forward with reliable information which would warrant an arrest while the reward remains at $3.5m. This says a great deal about the relationship between the citizens and the police.  Similarly, it says a great deal about the witness protection programme, where, as Captain Ahab reminds us, “no one has ever been murdered”.  

But 47 days later and Dana is ‘old news,’ replaced by the almost daily tragic loss of our babies, which one reverend recently attributed to an ‘evil eye”. 

The reverend was quoted as saying that “some evil eye seems to have its eyes on our babies...” I call it the “boo-boo man” theory.  

In the last 15 years or so, it is quite apparent that my tiny nation has been invaded by this ‘boo-boo’ man, who many are quite confident, exists. Yet for unknown reasons, we have been unable to clearly identify, arrest and bring him to justice. 

Rudy Chato Paul, Sr