Monday, January 22, 2018

Ex-Caroni workers waiting

 There is a television advertisement, being aired regularly, showing ex-Caroni workers smiling as they tell of their no-strings-attached ownership of promised Caroni lands.

What is not being shown is the number of disgruntled workers, very unhappy and angry at not being given their just due. After over four years in power, the People’s Partnership Government has been unable to disburse the promised lands in a timely manner except to a selected few.

The first heady years in power found a new Government rampaging through the political tulips with no regard for fixing promises made by the outgoing People’s National Movement (PNM). The PNM had been regularly blasted about the unfair, ruinous closing of the Caroni sugar estates, the destruction of workers’ lives, the abandonment by the government.

Fast forward to 2014 and many of the very same ex-Caroni workers are still waiting to be compensated, as was pro­mised on the hustings of 2010.

In the main, Caroni workers were the backbone of the Partnership party. It is a painful reality being faced that they have been abandoned after they have willingly given their votes. It is an embarrassment of significant proportions to be now forming a protest march against their own Government.

Lynette Joseph

via e-mail