Saturday, February 24, 2018

Expect more dead bodies if citizens don’t act

 Evidently, the criminals kill at will and ’fraid nobody—more dead bodies.

Memo to citizens of Trinidad and Tobago: Put up or shut up. If our citizens are too coward to support the brute force necessary to take out murderous killers from our society, then shut up and wait for your turn to take a bullet— more dead bodies.

The facts are clear: why are we blinded by inaction to do what needs to be done? It is us, the people, in my view, who are most responsible for the blinded inaction on crime. We demand justice, we demand crime-fighting, yet we run and hide from supporting the force that must be applied to rid our society of this evil scourge. We demand action from our Gov­ern­ment but tie their hands in pro­test to the heavy-handed force required to protect us—more dead bodies.

What? Are we so stupid with ignorance to believe the Government alone can solve crime? Really? Without the public, without citizens’ support of the bail bill, the hanging bill, Ministry of National Security plans and police lockdowns, the public will continue to suffer—more dead bodies. 

• The PNM (People’s National Movement) negotiated with the killers and only added to the killings—more dead bodies. 

• The PP (People’s Partnership) Gov­ernment followed the advice of

the NGOs (non-governmental orga­ni­sations) and PhD liberals to talk to gangs and give them civil alternatives rather than force— more dead bodies.

• The church says to pray for them, and we did—more dead bodies.

• The PP Government responds with a hanging bill to “hang these evil-doers”, but the PNM defeats the law—more dead bodies.

• The PP government attacks crime through a no-bail bill to lock up the criminals, but the PNM defeats the law again—more dead bodies.

• The Minister of National Secu­rity works to rid the police force of criminal elements and the (PNM) establishment attempts to defeat his solutions—more dead bodies.

Killers will continue to kill if we the people continue to play house. The only question is who is the next dead body?

Solution: Kill the killers before they kill you, before they rape your child, before more bodies pile up.

How?: Public support to use the full force of the military and police. Support for your Government’s plans and actions to serve and protect our children, our families, our country.

Put up or shut up. Take action or be silenced, you might be the next dead body.

B Stone, Citizen for ‘Life’

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