Saturday, February 24, 2018

Extra activities in school a plus, not a minus

 It is with great dismay that my niece came home to report that all the school activities that she and her friends were eagerly anticipating have been cancelled.  This news came after a visit from their school supervisor who apparently cancelled the events as a result of the low performance of the school. I find this outrageous! 

It was only last week that the Minister of Education in a morning programme was discussing the merits of a holistic approach to education. I was quite impressed and happy to know that T&T was finally moving towards this form of education, recognising that the very term “education’’ is actually about the development of the entire individual.  

So imagine my shock when I was told that school activities were cancelled.  The students were looking forward to a walkathon to highlight child abuse at the end of this month.  The last event like this held at the school was a remarkable success. They hosted a walkathon in recognition of environmental awareness. I still remember the delight of my niece as she tried to raise funds for her walkathon sheet, and I remember seeing the students all dressed in green with placards in hand walking through the streets of Chaguanas, supporting a worthy cause. 

I wonder how much intelligent thought was put into this decision? was the Minister informed? Research shows that students perform better academically when they are exposed to sports and other extra activities. 

What’s next?  Are they going to take away PE, drama and music as well? This backward frame of thought would not enhance learning nor improve performance.  In fact it would do just the opposite. 

C Belcon