Thursday, January 18, 2018

Facebook: Harm than good?

 With the advent of social media, everything we are doing can now be made public—good, bad or indifferent. We now live our lives though social media as part of the new global village.

Day in and day out, we see displays of adoles­cent violence, be it child against child or parents disciplining their children to teach them valuable life lessons. As we comment and share these posts, we are promoting more violence and encouraging persons to make additional posts showing this type of violence. 

In our society, parents are free to discipline their children as they see fit; had the video not been posted on Facebook, the method of correction would have been left up to the parent—who has the right to make such a decision—which she did. As such, the mother should not be penalised for disciplining her child; she should be counselled on different disciplinary methods so she would have more options when the need arises. 

Corporal punishment should not be banned from homes as it is a parent’s prerogative to discipline their child as they see fit, without causing harm to the child. As young people, we must also understand it is our responsibility to make the right choices and when we fail to do so, there are consequences. We have tools available to us, but the manner in which we use them can be harmful to us or they can build us up. 

Facebook and other social networks are freely available for anyone to access. As young people, we can use these networks responsibly for learning and development, and propagate a generation that can bring about the transformation of our nation and the world at large, and not use it in a manner that would negatively affect us and our families.

Trinidad Youth Council

C/o Malick Youth and Vocational Centre

Seventh Avenue, Barataria