Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Fight the good fight, Wayne

It is a real shame that a citizen of our country has to fight so hard, even put his life on the line, to get transparency from governments. 

Dr Wayne Kublalsingh is out there again, in front of the office of the Prime Minister in St Clair, fighting for truth and justice, with regard to the Debe to Mon Desir highway. He wants the PM and this Government to abide by the findings of the Armstrong Report. 

Why should any citizen of this country have to go to such lengths to get a Govern­ment to listen to science, logic and evidence? This is what the Armstrong Report represents—science, logic and evidence, with regard to the Debe to Mon Desir high­way. It is the kind of document which governments, striving for integrity, transparency and accountability, would abide by. 

The fact that this Government has ignored the Armstrong Report demonstrates it has no genuine interest in good governance and authentic development for our country. 

May God bless Dr Wayne Kublalsingh with the strength and courage to continue to fight for truth, justice and for a better Trinidad and Tobago. 

Ravina Singh

via e-mail