Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Finally, a crime plan that is working


Mark Fraser

 Anyone who favours turning back the clock to put out soldiers from patrolling Laventille for political reasons is a bandit and a murderer.

Clearly it’s about protecting its turf (gun and drug running) so that its system can murder more black people in Laventille, Beetham, Sea Lots etc. As long as there is military presence in Laventille  no one can ship guns and drugs into Laventille. 

The presence of soldiers have cut off easy gun and drug smuggling into the top local market Laventille. So every rogue police, lawyer, judge, businessperson, politician is fuming mad and want soldiers out of the area so they can revive their ill dealings.

Captain Gary Griffith usurped command of a handful of soldiers loyal to him and they are carrying out the unfolding crime plan we’re now witnessing. Murderers are in hiding since martial law was instituted on Laventille. 

Since soldiers rolled into Laventille under orders from Gary Griffith, unknown to Major General Kenrick Maharaj, murderers have been distracted from murdering. No murderers have been arrested thus far. Thirty persons known to the police were killed by the police. If they were murderers we’ll never know. 

When there was a murder every day, people complained. A functioning solution has stopped the murders and now they are complaining about the solution. 

Since Mr Griffith’s soldiers rolled in, have there been any killings? No. That’s a good thing? Guess if it makes the People’s Partnership Government look effective it’s bad. 

Since the soldiers took up patrols in Laventille you can’t name any person who was killed there.  

The soldiers are solving a problem. They deserve credit not ridicule. Whether the Opposition would like to admit it or choose to deny what is happening for political expedience the proof is in the lack of dead bodies. 

At this time people ought to be thankful a week has passed and not one person was murdered there. But no, the Opposition supporters are mad that the Partnership Government executed another successful initiative.  One that is keeping citizens from untimely death.

You can’t please politico-centric Trinis. When bodies were piling up in Laventille they berated the authorities about the murders. Now that the authorities have stopped the murders, they are berating the Government about stopping the arm of authority that stopped the murders. 

I understand the politico-centrics are against the use of soldiers to bring the prevailing calm in Laventille for political reasons but they are entitled to their opinion. 

In the meantime residents here are entitled to freedom from chaos and bloodshed. If the politio-centrics can’t come to terms with that, too bad.

Sarah Parks

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