Saturday, February 17, 2018

Find someone to blame

In the midst of everything that is happening in sweet, T&T, we are looking for someone to blame. The Government blames the Opposition; the Opposition blames the Government.

Members of the public blame both the Government and the Opposition, corrupt police officers, bad soldiers, etc. The Police Service blames the criminals. The criminals blame…well, I don’t really know who they are blaming, but I assume that one man killing another is because blame falls on one of them for something. I have the best place to put the blame—squarely on our own shoulders.!

Not only are we afraid to stand up as adults and admit to our own shortcomings, we are choosing the coward’s way out and throwing the blame elsewhere. If you don’t believe me, let’s take a minute and look at this closely with a couple examples:

• Violence in schools— I may not be as old as many people who write into the newspapers, or who may be reading them, but I remember in MY school days, if a teacher “cut yuh arse” and you went home and told your parents about it, no parent was coming into school to accost the teacher—most likely, you’d get another “cutarse” when you got home, because as my mother used to say, “The teacher cyah be mad to hit yuh fuh nuttin”. In today’s age, not only has corporal punishment been abolished from schools, there are parents that will go into the school compound to accost the teachers for disciplining their child! And then, when your child comes out of school with no passes, serious anger management issues and disciplinary problems, yuh wanna blame the teacher.

• Rise in crime rate—So it’s the police fault that people are dropping left, right and centre, sometimes with absolutely no reason for the murder. The amazing thing is that these murders are being committed by children... yes, children, because most of them aren’t over 25! Parents blame the police, the teachers, the Government, the unemployment rate…all kinda ting. But I remember days when if your neighbour saw you giving trouble in the streets, they could pull up on you and discipline you without worrying about parents, or the child themselves, retaliating in an unacceptable manner. And now, y’all want to wonder why…

• Disrespectful youth—Really? REALLY? After reading the letter from Marguerite Gordon in Tuesday’s Express about the customer service meted out in Legal Affairs after the employee was 20 minutes late coming back from her lunch, in addition to which, management called the police for the customer who refused to apologise? When you set examples like that for the children of tomorrow, do you really expect them to be respectful?

These are just a few of the issues that I can speak about. Sadly, there are many more. So my dear brothers and sisters, stop blaming everyone else other than who is to blame…your selves! Kevin Humphrey

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