Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Fingerprint all T&T citizens



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Thinking beyond the obvious requires an inquisitive and critical mind that goes beyond certification. It takes a dissatisfied person to satisfy people. In other words, if you are satisfied with what you have there will be no progress. (The italics are the author's original quotations)

At present I am dissatisfied with the progress of Trinidad and Tobago and as a consequence I would like to share a few ideas that can spark the imagination of our leaders.

The first concerns homeland security. To do this we need to have all citizens properly identified from birth. The personal identification number (PIN) assigned to the child's birth certificate should be that said number on his passport, ID card, driving permit etc. On attaining the age of 17 years when that child is due for an ID card he/she should be (as required by law) fingerprinted and a DNA sample taken and kept for reference if/when required.

This would enhance crime detection, crime prevention and ensure that our people are well accounted for in any mishap anywhere in the world. In addition, there will be a higher probability of criminals being caught and prosecuted.

Secondly, sell the Red House or convert it into government offices. To have our leaders confined and cluttered in a chaotic city centre is a security risk. Build a majestic parliament building on the compound of the President's House with dormitories and all necessary facilities. There should be no problem with space management since the Office of the President will be dissolved soon.

Thirdly, the grid formation of city design is obsolete. It is the cause of all traffic gridlock. Spiral or ribbon design is the modern approach to traffic management. A spiral should begin at the Barataria Interchange and roll into the swamp. (Hush, doh tell Kublalsingh). A new port, government offices, malls, businesses etc should decorate this landscape and make it the Dubai of the Caribbean. Citizens of Trinidad and Tobago residing in the Beetham Estate and Sea Lots area should be relocated within the Maloney catchment. All others should be deported forthwith.

Fourthly, remove the burden of income tax from all public servants. Why give a man a salary and thereafter tax him? He is then commanded by the employer to file a return. If he is late in doing so, he is penalised when it is the sole responsibility of the employer to properly deduct tax up front in the first instance. Removing income tax from public servants will allow the Government more time and resources to focus on VAT and taxation in the private sector.

Fifthly, there should be a scientific formula to calculate wage increases. There are two arguments that trade unions come to the bargaining table with, namely: inflation and cost of living.

Since these two variables have positive values, a constant can then be added to balance the equation. However, I believe that all negotiations should be retroactive. This will generate a lump sum payment and create savings/investment for the employee. In other words, it can become a compulsory government savings plan.

Sixthly, ease up the magistracy's workload by making obscene language and insulting language a "ticketable" offence. People committing these offences should not have such indiscretions on their criminal record.

"Ticketable" traffic offences, while more detrimental than obscene language, do not attract a criminal record. However, the cost of the "cuss ticket" should be increased to $1,000. Alternatively you could face the court and contest the matter after 90 days if you so desire.

Amral Hosein