Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Fitness/steel ‘meet’ only for PoS?

 Is the Ministry of Health openly practising discrimination with regard to health and fitness programmes? An advertisement carried in Wednesday’s Express and an appearance on CCN TV6’s Morning Edition by the Minister of Health seems to suggest so.

The advertisement featured a Carnival Monday night fitness and steel “meet”—a rather novel and timely event which would benefit all citizens. Sadly, though, this event of 35 steelbands is only for Port of Spain. Can this really be fair? Was no thought given to the other areas of the country? 

Port of Spain is already flooded with thousands of masquaraders and numerous activities, so why should this new health initiative be centred around Port of Spain? Is it that everyone should flock to the capital on Carnival Monday night?

We all need to be involved in this great health initiative. Please, Minister, don’t be biased.

B Pierre

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