Sunday, December 17, 2017

Fixin' T&T, fix yourself first

The group Fixin' T&T supposedly purports itself to be the voice of the citizens of T&T, speaking out against all the ills of our land.

This stance is apparent in its recent outcry for TSTT to cut ties with Machel Montano, following the verdict of Machel's criminal charge. While I am in agreement with its recent stance, I am very confused with its silence following Hilton Sandy's infamous racial incitement of the "Calcutta" ship coming to Tobago if the people didn't vote for the People's National Movement (PNM). Why didn't Fixin' T&T ask for Dr Rowley to cut ties with Mr Sandy? Isn't inciting racial discord among diverse cultures and people considered dangerous, reckless and disrespectful to all? Then why its loud silence? Is it that it believes certain groups are more equal than others? Was it a case of convenient laryngitis?

Come on, Fixin' T&T, justice and right conduct must be for all and not for a select few. Maybe the time has come for you all, as a group, to do some serious introspection and truly reflect the cause you seek to represent. Then and only then will people's opinion of Fixin' T&T be truly meaningful instead of us thinking that you all are just a branch of the PNM.

A Ramkhelawan

San Juan