Friday, February 23, 2018

Former Caroni workers abandoned by ‘their’ Govt

Amazingly in the 2010 manifesto of the People’s Partnership, which was touted as the road map for development of the country if that party won the election, no mention was made of Caroni Limited or of the actions to be taken to alleviate the sufferings of the former sugar workers.  

No recognition was given to the core support of the pretenders to the throne of government, not even a passing reference.

These workers, victimised by the system under which they worked, treated as little more than slaves while in their productive years, were crushed under the boots of the no longer new Government which came to power based largely on their support.

The prosperity boasted of today by the Government has almost totally bypassed these unfortunates, not by accident but by an apparently deliberate act of negligence.  So many of the members of Government have roots in the sugar industry, either coming from it themselves or being direct descendants of sugar workers.

 At the very least they should recognise and acknowledge the legitimate claims of these workers and do what they promised on the political platforms to do.

So many of these unfortunate people have died in penury, so many are ailing and cannot pay their medical bills, so many are dependent on their children when they worked so hard to be independent.

Families have been destroyed; workers who are largely unemployable outside of the sugar industry have been driven to drink by the hopelessness of their condition.  And yet the government goes along heedless of their tribulations.

The reason for the Government’s apparently deliberate ignorance of their plight is beyond the understanding of ordinary people, but there is a Trini saying, “Today for you, tomorrow for me.”  

The Government would be wise to pay heed to that.

Karan Mahabirsingh