Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Free MPs to serve the people

The major constitutional issue stifling the democracy in our country was highlighted by the Prime Minister when she freed the members of the ruling party from “collective responsibility’’ to vote according to their conscience. We each elect a parliamentarian to represent our views in the Lower House. These MPs then stand in the House and represent the views of their party. They never seek the views far less direction from the people they purport to represent. In the process the public can only march, protest and write editorials to have their voices heard by those in power. Imagine how ludicrous it is that we are sidelined in deciding such an important thing as how we chose our representatives in the first place.

The population is hence relegated to the position of the President: rubber stamps, but only every five years. The legislature which is supposed to be the check and balance is muddled in and muddied with the executive so that the party in power has a virtual stranglehold of the whole process unless a majority vote is needed.

Can somebody explain to me why so often we have to depend on the Independent senators to be the voice of reason of the masses when we elected people for that very said thing?

Please Madam Prime Minister, if you really want to give power to the people bring legislation that would unshackle these MPs to be representatives of the people who put them there.

Tyrone Corbin

via e-mail