Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Friends or foes?

It has been painful so far to watch Dr Kublalsingh kill himself a little everyday but now the show has taken a different spin, it has now become entertainment at its best!

God alone knows which sewage pipe these failed and rejected politicians were spluttered out from.

I thought Mr Kublalsingh would be smart enough to see through the intentions of these vultures but to my dismay he is embracing and singing praises for the very same people he went up against when he was fighting down the smelter plant.

Much to their liking these and many more are seeing the benefits of paying visits to this man and they are out in their numbers in all form and fashion, some "in their personal capacity" , some "in the name of democracy" and maybe some in the Spiritual Baptist faith, but their motives are crystal clear, except for the doctor of course.

Wake up Mr Kublalsingh, these people are not your friends, they are simply using you for their own selfish gain and the quicker you realise this better because they want the worst to happen. That is what they are banking on.

Have you ever seen the vultures that circle around the dump waiting for the waste to be released to dive in and make their name? Sadly you would not be able to if you continue your hunger strike but what a celebrated day it would be for them.

Before I conclude, I would just like to voice my own personal opinion on this fast/farce. Mr Kublalsingh, you are wasting yours, your family's, citizens' and the Government's time and money. Worst yet, if you do come out successful and the Government reneges its contract and subsequently sued for millions or billions. I guess money isn't an issue there for you guys but it is an issue for the thousands of citizens that embrace the highway for the development of south Trinidad. So please get off the streets and get in court and fight your case.

Michelle Debideen

Point Fortin