Saturday, December 16, 2017

Fruits and veggies a better gift, Madam Prime Minister

 I think gifting the nation with fruits and veggies would make more sense if you’re aiming to bring about a healthy nation. If you’re aiming to reduce non communicable diseases. I’m not interested in being gifted with substances that bring about disease. I think local mangoes, coconut oil, string beans, carrots and broccoli would make more sense as a food gifts if the Government is serious about reducing non communicable diseases.

Have no fear, millions of dollars are allocated to pay doctors to do diabetic and eye testing, on people foolish enough to live on low nutrient caustic cooking oils and bleached rice and flour. So the support system is there. So, go get sick to give them people to prescribe CDAP drugs to. And to perform surgeries and amputations on.

There’s always an excuse to not do better. Well let’s stay with runaway non communicable disease and the repercussions of that. It’s not as though this is an important first world country like Japan where people invent solutions to improve life. 

I can tell you for a fact. People who live in rural areas eat better than those who get their food from the grocery. Rural dwellers eat what they plant. 

We can fly men to the moon. Build space stations. Break the sound barrier. Devise means to communicate with men on the other side of the planet in nanoseconds. Connect bionic limbs to amputees. But we can’t subsidise fruits and veggies to feed a few hundred thousand people. Is there even the will to do this?

But Trinidad and Tobago never launched a man on the moon. Trinis don’t solve problems. They insist all things are impossible and are amazed when the thinkers make the impossible possible.

Trinidad and Tobago, you don’t have to suffer with preventable chronic lifestyle diseases in the march to your demise by eating toxic processed food. Eat healthy instead.

Sarah Parks

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